Waking State Tattoo Triggers & How They Work

Amy and LeslieAnn displaying Waking State Trigger Tattoos at Amy's Place

The Human Biological Machine is mostly water. Actually, salts, fats and other solids in solution, combined with a tendency toward negentropy that results in organs, rivers of blood and pools of electrical energy — in short, a semi-successful solidization of energy, calling itself “human being”.

Because it uses tools, makes its own home, handles fire fairly well, is able to hold down a job by flattering the boss, and it can seduce someone or something into sex, it considers itself very, very smart, very smart indeed.

Actually, all that stuff comes under the heading of “MOVEACT CODE”, because it’s all built into the machine; it all happens automatically, in predictable patterns of helpless and unknowingly produced “knee-jerk reactions” to chains of otherwise unconnected life-events, producing what can only be termed “life-drama”.

Life-Drama tends to disrupt consciousness.

If you’re looking to awaken IN THE MACHINE in order to accomplish your higher work, you’ll want lots of WAKING STATE TRIGGERS, such as my Temporary Tattoos, Decals and other incredible wondrous goodies. Waking States disrupt Life-Dramas, which tend to disrupt conciousness, like I said.

I made my tattoos the way I make my books, videos, jewelry & fashions — with magic. They are designed to trigger the Waking State, period. That’s their whole function, but in this case, form need not follow function, meaning that I am free to make the designs look like tattoos or not, depending on the need for calligraphic detail, sigils, etc.


Tiffany and Charlie model their Waking State Temp Tats for gorby

The body is mostly water, like I said before. Any fluid, but particularly salt water, can be vibrated as a contained boundaried plasma ball. The tattoos create very subtle electrical field alterations on the skin, which is a single organ, in case you didn’t know that.

I use these alterations to produce slightly rounded flat-plane variations which have quantum effects on the Human Biological Machine, creating a momentary shockwave that automatically produces an equally momentary Waking State.

Not enough of a Waking State to be of much use, but a Waking State nevertheless.

Where a foreign substance such as ink has been inserted into the skin, this does not work; when I have to help someone who has had their skin field altered by ink, I have to work hard to overcome the “downer” effect of the ink tattoo. Ink tats bring you down, which is their primary purpose.

I’ve made a number of ink-defeating TEMPTATS that work well to reduce the “downer” effect of ink-in-skin, and I can perform a number of effective didge workings that counteract the effect pretty well.

I’m going to get plenty of bitching emails about this, because so many spiritual people have had tattoos put on them, sometimes entirely covering the skin from top to bottom, and they are considered very high beings, so what’s the story there?

Like I said, ink tattooing is a downer. I stand behind that assessment.

Charlie models my Tribal Waking State Hitchhiker's Thumb #3 Temp Tat which lasts up to 2 weeks!"

Some spiritual beings need to take their glow down a bit, hide their light under a bushel-basket, so to speak — so they tone their emanations down with some body ink; but do that on a body which houses a piss-ass low-grade spiritual being, and you get an actual “downer” effect on them, with an “upper” effect on others. I guess it works, if you’ve got nothing really going on, but I avoid ink tats like the plague.

Ink Tattooing is a very effective way of taking the spiritual equivalent of sopors, hypnotics, relaxants and calmatives — which have the same general effect as the health-food herbal varieties; it’s all about getting as comfortably numb as you can, which is the BASIC GOAL OF HUMANITY.

It ought to be. I built the system to create a basic goal of comfort and numbness. That means “find food”, “find safety”, “find sex”, “find company” and “find sleep”.

Right there you have most of the .INI file that makes up what calls itself a “human being”, but it also describes quite well most of the animal world, including the universe itself, which is a giant organism — nobody on Urth will believe me on this issue, but it’s true.

That doesn’t make it any less mathematical.

Physics? I failed math, but I’m a physics whiz, so go figure. I’ve always had the miraculous luck (I play golf without cheating) of having mathematicians around to translate my ideas into action, sort of an interlink between the abstract and the engineering.

In short, I reverse-engineer everything, including the universe, to accommodate what I’ll have to do down in Invoicing & Shipping.

God, I hate paperwork.

Charlie models an "ARRAY" formula for my TWEED MODEL Waking State Amplifier

I’m not looking forward to running down the GODRUN file to see what messy script is still running after the next Big Bounce. I might not have explained what that’s all about — you can read about the bounces caused by the severe compression of all the neutrinos in the local neighborhood; it’s in the American Book of the Dead. Make sure you get the secret publication, not the standard public one.

The nails operate as “snap-on tools”; some of them are energy-directors, others work in more subtle ways. The copper jewelry, particularly the rings, bracelets, armlets, ankle-bands and neck pieces all work to extract, define and control energy pathways in space.

The apparel and tattoos energize, cause flow, restrict flow into diodal patterns and, of course, amplify and detect very low and very high frequencies by reacting to the partial wave resonances. Simple, but very very effective; sufficiently so to create zillions upon zillions of self-replicating universes more or less exactly like this one, with a few total bloopers — the ones that fail to produce particles.

Happens often enough that I’ve dedicated aeons to finding a solution, which I finally arrived at fairly recently, as Real Time goes. By your time, a really long time ago — about 700 trillion of your Urth years ago, I came across something similar to your Scopes Monkey Trial, in which a schoolteacher was accused of teaching evolution to students who believed the stuff Moses wrote about my work.

Moses was deranged and politically motivated.

I wouldn’t give him the time of day. Now, Noah — that’s a different story. But I digress.

Amy and I discussing the tattoo line, the nails and of course, the incredible totally new Waking State Stockings & pantyhose...but we won't speak of that until they arrive ... any day now!

My solution was to apply the principle of NATURAL SELECTION to my universes themselves, and that’s exactly what I did, which is why everything closed down for a while, if you were wondering — the .EXE file had to be altered slightly (a line had been commented-out that shouldn’t have been, and a randomity generator was added, with modifications in the .INI file, to make it easy and to avoid restarts) — and Natural Selection (NS) was added in, with an ascending INCOS and descending INCOS to the minus side, which meant electrons had to be oriented slightly differently.

Accordingly, I designed a Quark-Screw to open the Quantum Witch, my main tool for reality shifts and other interruptions in service for which you might consider being prepared. It’s not hard — read my blogs for alerts to incoming mail, as we used to say in grunt language on the Front Lines.


LeslieAnn Didge Healings every morning from 6:30 AM to 8:30 AM in Ashram and Livestream.

The didge alters reality by enhancing and enlarging plasma bubbles. It doesn’t change what is, it changes where you are at the moment.

If you have the habit of being where you were, you’re very likely to snap right back into place when you’re moved, so that habit has to be addressed before you can really go out of the box.

One way to fight habits, addictions and life-patterns that drag you down and make you sad and sorry is to get CONSCIOUSLY CREATIVE. This means “effective creativity”, not just flapping about, wading through a pool of creative craft projects. That’s not how it works at all.

The WAKING STATE is a precious and much-sought-after commodity, and it’s generally hard to provoke successfully or happily.

Wormhole #3 // 5″=$12.95 // 8″=”18.95 // 10″=$24.95

My TempTats work first time, every time. I personally guarantee that merely passing by one of my WAKING STATE TRIGGER TATS will produce the Waking State in every passer-by, for at least a moment or two, during which contact is possible.

This will occur even in the most casual and rapid situation, such as on a street or in a subway car or restaurant. Everyone will have a momentary thrill of Waking State, then lapse back quickly into sleep, of course.

If this happens in the presence of a flattie, they start a bit, think they’re having some sort of religious experience if they notice anything at all, then doze in the “business as usual” postures they crave.

Should a Roundie be in the general vicinity, the Wakeup Call could be the trumpet they need to hear sounded to get them on the Path.

Within a week or two, they should be enrolling in a yoga class with LeilaJiva, or getting a tarot reading from Auntie Matter, or getting Didge Healing at Temple Chen-Rig.

Now, the tweak in the process is that the Trigger Tat will work for passers-by, BUT NOT FOR YOU.

The reason for this is simple; it’s like an essential oil. You put it on, it smells good. After a few minutes, it’s gone, there’s nothing left of it, so you dump some more on, rub it in, it smells good, then it’s gone, too. You do this a third time, and now you can’t even get it to smell good when you rub it into your wrist.


You’ve become comfortably numb on the subject of that particular oil…particle joke there somewhere…

What happens is that you get a “reflex” reaction to the oil, because you’re smelling it continuously, so the trigger gets buried in repetition. The brain is already bored with the aroma.

But passers-by aren’t bored with the aromatic; it’s new to them, so when they detect an unusual smell in the area, they’ll do what all dogs do…they sniff at the source of the odor — that’d be you.

In the case of the Waking State Trigger Tattoos, you’ll be bored of it by the time you walk out the door with it –or them — on, meaning that you’ll hardly notice anything at all, because the body only detects odors that might indicate food, sex or danger, and tends to ignore anything it has already identified as “safe”.

But as you pass by others, they will spark momentarily into the Waking State, even if they can’t see the tattoo!!! The Waking State will appear on their faces; you’ll KNOW it happened when it does; as you’d expect, the Waking State in a human gorilla is like wondering whether someone really stupid has become senile. You really can’t tell.

If you’re passing by a Real One, you have only one single Moment of Freedom in which to catch their reaction to your Trigger Tat, in much the same way that you’d experience a “contact high” in the presence of someone who had just “come on” to acid or mescaline.


It’s all about the Contact High, and how you use it. You can contact other Work Beings using my Waking State Trigger Tats, but BE CAREFUL! Flatties don’t like the Waking State and tend to resent having it called to their attention.

I made this mistake only once, at my Hollywood Studio; a very large Druid of my acquaintance stood nearby and kicked into the Waking State suddenly by some agency — actually, it was my 1967 Summer of Love Patchouli mixed with White Lightning Musk Oil, combined with a white 100% beeswax candle on the altar behind the sales counter.

Sounds funky, I know, but the commercial setup worked wonders.

It didn’t hurt to have my friend & nextdoor neighbor in the canyon, Jim Morrison, along with Tiny Tim and Sharon Tate demonstrating my essential oils and rubbing them onto people’s wrists at that counter, that’s for sure, but I had no idea they were famous, and in 1967 they were barely so. They just did a great job selling essential oils, and I’d hire them today if they weren’t already booked at the Starlite Lounge, BardoTown’s Hottest Nightclub.

I’m trying to get my TempTats up online as quickly as we can, but it’s a terrifically tough job — there are over 2,000 tattoos I’ve made so far, and I’m staying well ahead of the scanning crew, plus I’ve created hundreds of Black Light & Glow in the Dark Waking State and Invocational Tattoos for our inner circle folks — that’d be you, ’cause the public sure don’t read my blogs, nor are they written for the masses, unless the mass is negative, neutral or converted. Just a little science humor there, nothing you need keep track of.

Nothing of which you need to keep track?

Keeping track is why the Triggers work. There’s always a “look for trigger” scanning outward, seeking any similarity to the interior tags riding on the back of any Voyager like yourself.

Alarm bells scream out when you pass one of my Waking State Target Tats. Momentarily, you wake up, to see what’s the matter. Nothing is, so you go back to sleep.

But this is where the tats start to work for you. By alarming and alerting others to wake up, the contact high keeps you in a more or less continual but not uncomfortable Waking State.

The key here is that the state is comfortable enough to maintain and endure without having to “take a break” from it.

Waking State does NOT mean constant paranoia.

If you arouse continual paranoia from the Waking State, you need to handle some personal issues, and fast. There is no reason to be paranoid in the Waking State — it’s perfectly safe and harmless if performed in a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere, such as the Ashram.

Where it becomes chancy and can be a possible source of personal irritation and even horror is when you take your Vision Quest to the Marketplace. Unless you are prepared for the result, you’d be better off practicing the Waking State amongst your closest friends.

One of the points Tim Leary appreciated about my contribution to the Millbrook events was my often-misquoted, “It’s not what you take, it’s the company you keep”.

I lectured with Tim at LeslieAnn’s Alma-Mater, Vassar, not far from the Millbrook House where all those notorious experiments took place. I was not part of that team, but did help to repair some broken wheels resulting from that non-lab experimental environment. I was unsurprised at the hedonistic result — 1967, The Summer of Love.

What a bucket of horse-puckey. If you believe that, you’ll believe just about anything. There was no love, only marketing. Take a look on facebook at the people who were at Woodstock, at least the few who managed to survive the over-inflated sex & drugs of the time.

You want to know more about my Waking State Triggers? Tune in this morning, and I’ll tell you more, and you can feel free to ask any question you like, as long as it’s on-subject. I’ll take chat questions today.

I’m hoping that Amy can present her incredible Waking State Stockings before the Holidays — they are incredible to behold, and people actually stop and ask you where you got them — giving YOU a perfect chance to sell a pair!!! Amy and I will BOTH be modeling them, if all goes well and she remembers to order queen-size for me!!!

See You At The Top!!!