Using Tattoos for Practical Magic

Charlie & Tiffany modeling MAGIC TATS at the new TATTOO GALLERY.

Tattoos alter the local conductivity of the skin. Relative Light and Dark Calligraphic Forms create sub-Einsteinian Zig-Zags & Swirls, creating small quantum sub-electron whirlpools and micro black holes, producing Direct Drop Reality Shift Alterations, along with the usual fissionable children of the parent universe with every black hole generated, meaning that there are a resultant small number of sub-universes within the black hole, expanding within it, creating an explosive inflation swarm cloud composed mostly of neutrinos, creating space as it expands.

Pardon me for stating something so basic, but lots of folks who are not on the TATOO MAGIC COURSE will have no idea what I’m talking about, unless I DO state the obvious — thus the minor reconstruction of Local Effect Theory. If you want the entire dissertation, you’ll get it on the graduate level and there’s a hell of a lot of math involved, so brace yourself in advance.

Tattoo Magic is created by the creativity cycle involved in its production and in the application on the skin. Both actions are important trigger factors in creating the magical effect from the tattoo, derived from the CALLIGRAPHIC NATURE of the MAGICAL TATTOO.

In my TATTOO MAGIC course, we start with the easiest Tattoo Magic of all, ATTRACTION. Armed with this tattoo, placed on the body in the right spot and prepared correctly, you will become a WALKING & TALKING ATTRACTION MAGNET.

Even if you totally lack poise, verve, audacity, good looks, young well-turned body, great hair, wondrous personal aromatic atmosphere or charisma and a sense of total confidence, you will have people coming up to you for no real or obvious reason, other than that you are temporarily a powerful ATTRACTION MAGNET.

This works even if you’re a total nerdy goop. Of course, this is just ATTRACTION. Once someone is near you, there’s nothing to prevent you being a total jerk, unless you’re wearing the “Don’t Be A Total Jerk” tattoo, which you’ll find in my MAGIC TATTOO CATALOG under the title “CHARISMATIC TATTOO”.

The CHARISMATIC TATTOO is the Source of Charisma, not you, so when wearing that particular tattoo, you CAN be a total jerk and still win the admiration of others. It’s sort of misleading in that way, but can result in a whole lot of weekend fun.

Other than wear the tattoo, you don’t have to do anything to attract their attention or to get them to come over to you and start a conversation. It will just seem to happen on its own, except that it isn’t. The ATTRACTION TATTOO is working its magic.


It tickles my funny-bone when people exclaim — and they often do — “Holy crap, this stuff actually works!!!!”

Yes, it does, and this is powerful magic, even though it’s just a beginner’s exercise.

If you know the simple laws under which the universe operates and self-replicates, you know how to make this happen. I teach these laws to students who have proven their loyalty and devotion to The Great Work.

If you feel yourself ready to commit to hard, thankless work in the Bodhi Realm, you will find yourself in the midst of simple video game programming and object building, model making and more, to give you a PRACTICAL WORKING KNOWLEDGE of the laws which operate and govern most of the universes you can reach from here without damage to yourself.

Here is what I can share in public:

The ATTRACTION TATTOO is prepared in the following way:

1. Open the shipping/protective sleeve, within which you’ll find the corresponding Magic Tattoo. Just take a moment to actually look at it, study it, note its features.

2. Carefully and gently remove the tattoo sheet from the protective sleeve.

3. PLACE the Sterling Silver Plated Candleholder on your PERSONAL ALTAR, between the two rock-salt lights, but DON’T LIGHT the rock-salt candles.

4. Light a WHITE 51% beeswax candle and place it in the sterling silver-plated candleholder. If you’re independently wealthy, use 100% Triple Pure Beeswax Candles and sterling silver candleholders, if you wish. I sell both products, already prepared to the Lunar Cycles, but I don’t sell Objects of Personal Magic to the public. You have to know enough to find my student store, or care enough to email me about it. Nothing comes free or easy in this work — you have to have the Passion for The Work or you won’t go the extra mile, which is what I always require.

5. Using the OM MA NI PAD ME HUM outbreath prayer as you would in the case of Objective Prayer, same technnique, place the TATTOO MAGIC INCENSE into the TATTOO MAGIC INCENSE HOLDER.

6. Using a green-tipped WOODEN safety match, light the incense, while continuing the OM MA NI PAD ME HUM prayer, while holding fast to the vision of the Jewel deep within the 1,000 petaled Lotus. This is vital.

7. TRIGGER the Magical Event by ringing the GONG bell three times.

8. CHANT “May this be used for the benefit of all beings everywhere”, as you ring the bell five more times.

9. BREATHE in slowly and out slowly, and at the turnaround, close your eyelids momentarily and visualize the Jewel without the Lotus.

10. FUMIGATE the PRASAD TRUFFLE or Special Dietary Prasad Truffle (no salt, no sugar, no chocolate) over the incense momentarily, while remembering those who have no food today, and those who will die of starvation today.

11. DRINK the SACRED MAGNETIC WATER, prepared within a webwork of super-magnets for one month and taken through prayer functions at all four Lunar Cycle Power Points, and as you drink, remember what it feels like to be drunk, from the perspective of the water. Remember those BILLIONS of people who have no clean water to drink, or no water at all.

12. PERFORM THE HEALING DIDGE WORK as instructed in your Didge Magic Classes. This generally takes just a few seconds for this incredibly simple Magical Operation, and in this way, you “pay” for your magical operation with emotional currency. If you’re one of those who can watch someone suffer without feeling a thing, this might not be the best magical operation for you to attempt.


14. Very carefully, peel the CLEAR PLASTIC TATTOO PROTECTOR from the FRONT of the tattoo, revealing the actual tattoo underneath. The clear plastic protector is very sticky, so be careful not to get ANY of that sticky stuff on your fingers as you work with the tattoo.

15. Now FUMIGATE the ATTRACTION TATTOO minus its protective shield, over the candle and incense, in that order.

16. PLACE the tattoo on your skin, right around the sternum — that little dip in the center of the chest, where you usually point to indicate your heart, which is actually off to the side. An alternative placement is under the sternum at the Solar Plexus. Anywhere in the area will do. BE CAREFUL to orient the tattoo before touching it to the skin, because it is incredibly tacky, and will stick at the slightest touch, and it’s on forever, until you decide to take it off or it wears down by sheer attrition.

17. Using a very damp or wet cloth or paper towel, wet the backing paper on the tattoo which is now on your chest, until the paper slides off by itself, which takes about 30 seconds total time. Do NOT pick the paper apart or try to tear the backing off. Be patient — the paper just SLIDES OFF easily when the water acts on it for a few seconds of penetration.

18. DRY the tattoo with a clean dry handtowel or paper towel, or just let it air-dry.

You are now ready to WALK AMONG THEM and ATTRACT to your heart’s content. Remember that the point of this exercise is not to find a new lover, but to test your ability to use a magical tattoo and to get you started in the process of learning how and why the work.

There are hundreds of MAGICAL TATTOOS for every purpose under the sun, but I’m hoping that you will use them in the sense of spiritual exercises for higher life more than to get what you want, which is not their purpose, just a side-issue that might bring good results, but remember, ALL RESULTS ARE TEMPORARY due to the usual limitation for holding goods and cash assets — death.

But up ’til then, you can cash & carry and shop ’til you drop.

AGAIN, BE WARNED. This MAGICAL DEVICE really works, and works well. Do NOT use it unless you are prepared to deal with the results, meaning a LOT MORE interactions than you’re used to.

GOOD LUCK using my Magical Tattoos for your spiritual exercises and growth!!! Empower Yourself! That is the cure.

See You At The Top!!!