Tattoo Fashions Photo Shoot with Tiffany & Charlie

Pro Models Tiffany Woodbury and Charlie B. Good towering over Gorby outside by the Tea House, getting ready for the modeling photo shoot for spring line of temporary tattoos.

Charlie (on left) and Tiffany (on right) got to choose which tattoos they wanted to show, and we did a little tutorial on how to apply them.

If you want tattoos on your back, it can be great fun to have someone special do it for you; this can be a really fun family game or pretend, dress-up or fantasy game. Here, I’m doing a demo on how to have a full-service tattoo pit at any street fair venue, where you not only apply them, you remove them later on for the client.

Watch for this video soon. Here we have a lower back placement, but since it’s temporary, no harm done, and it can have related chain tats, called “Modular Tats”, that make it go all the way up the spine — talk about coolness.

Once the tattoo has been applied to the skin, it will stick on there and stay there until you basically blow it out of the water with something akin to dynamite. It’s on there to stay, and we’ll talk about getting these things off — I’m making a special video on the subject of temp tattoo removal. It’s not obvious, it’s counter-intuitive, and it works: tape, just like waxing, does the job easily and instantly.

Even on the lower back, you can learn to apply the temp tattoo yourself; in this case, we used a mirror to assist our model to find the right placement for the tattoo. This one is called a “Spirit Stamp”, and is meant to be used in ritual applications, such as healing prayers.

Armbands, bracelets, necklaces, tummy tats, hippy hip tats, breast tats, tummy tats and back tats galore! You can load yourself up like you never would if these were permed blue inks. Cover yourself head-to-toe, you don’t have to live with it an hour longer than you want to, and tomorrow can be a whole different design.

Betty is Charlie’s Mom — she did the majority of the work in getting the larger sized tattoos on Charlie and Tiffany, and then she did double-duty getting them off the girls again, with the help of our ever-ready tape, just like waxing, but a little less ouchie, unless you’re hairy all over. I did some of the removal, too, and so did Tiffany, to see if someone could do it for themselves if they didn’t have the help, and they can. It’s a little time-consuming, but it’s ultimately easy and a helluva lot less painless than having an ink tattoo removed.

Tiffany is wearing several of my leaf forms on the abdomen and hips, with a celtic armband around the upper arm, and a chest tat of strange interdimensional forms. Since at least one of the tattoos on her is signed by LeslieAnn, technically her body is, while tattooed in this way, a walking, living Signed Work of Art by a Listed American Artist. What do you say to that? What’s new about it is the direction participation of the artist and the fact that these are not art pieces made into tattoos, they were created to be tattoos and nothing else but tattoos.

Charlie put on some attitude for me, sporting my “WormHole #1″ tat from breast to shoulder, wrist chain tat on the right arm, full-color “Guardian Angel” on the upper left arm. Let’s look at the back of this array, shall we???

Is this cool, or what? Charlie has “WormHole #3″ across the upper back, “WhorlPool” on the mid-back, and “Spirit Sunrise” on the lower back as a Spirit Stamp. Wowsers, eh? You would never do this with ink, but you CAN do it and get away with it with my temp tats.

These temp tats look SO incredible, but 90% of how good they look is the models, Tiffany Woodbury and Charlie B. Good, who posed for me with my new line of temporary tattoos from, and especially thanks to pro photographer James Rodney, who made the shoot so successful! Gosh, I just realized, I don’t have any of Jim’s shots up yet, but wowsers, wait ’til you see them!!! These are just the snappers taken along the way.

Thanks to Tiffany for bringing Charlie and Betty here to help with this project! We had so much fun doing the shoot, and even MORE fun AFTER the shoot! What a great day — I can’t think of anything I’d change in that day, not a single second! Now, how many days do YOU have like that??? (…and wouldn’t you like more of them???)

Dok posed the four of us girls for a closing shot. Yes, girls. I quote the inimitable and highly published Jean Stine, on the subject of female fashions: “It’s all in the underwear.”.

Here we are posing for James Rodney, with Buddy the Buddha in back of us, by the shoji screens in the Darshan Chamber at the Land.

I can’t promise that if you use my temp tats you’ll look as sweet and wonderful and beautiful as Charlie here, but it will improve your looks by a measurable 37%, and that’s a promise I can keep.

I’ll leave you with this thought: tattoos that can be easily removed means that you are free to experiment with your total “look”. If you want to make it permanent, you can bring the design to a tattoo parlor and they’ll copy it onto your skin in blue or black ink for you if you want to do that. I recommend against it, unless you’re working real close-up to your audience, like in bed or a shower. Even then, I’m putting my money on the temp tat for no regrets later on.

You’ll soon be able to order these online; stay tuned for more developments. We’re all going to be at the Celtic Fair together, so look for us there!!! We’ll be selling our temp tats and I’ll be doing Direct Mehndi Henna Tattoos — mine last for 15 days or more!!!

I’ll also be blowing Healing Didge right there at our booth, as I’ve always done on this side of The Shift!!!

See You At The Top!!!